Everlasting Memories

Upon returning from this life-changing trip, of course my family and friends have been asking me for all the details. I have found this very challenging. It is hard to sum up into one conversation the countless memories i have made on this trip. I remember every aspect of it in my head, but when put on the spot it all comes rushing back. I had so many inspirational experiences in Batey 50 that it is hard to choose just one to talk about. From meeting Keika, an 11 year old girl who I bonded with and was later elated to see at the Joe Hartman School, to helping build a home, each aspect of the trip holds a special place in my heart.

But, as Amaury Telemaco stated to us in his inspirational speech, this trip had nothing at all to do with us. It had everything to do with the people that we danced with, provided food and toys to, and shared laughs and memories with. We gave them hope and let them know that there are people out there who truly care. We made them feel the importance that they deserve to feel in this world.

When people ask me about this trip, I want more than anything for them too to see what i saw and experience what I experienced. Visiting the Dominican Republic and the Bateyes had such a strong impact on me and my whole outlook. I will continue to try my best to share the memories I have made with my friends and family, and will never stop encouraging them to one day return with me to make new everlasting memories.

-Emily DeRosa





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