New Years Day at Batey 50

New Years Day on Batey 50 was one of my favorite days of this trip. It was such a great way to welcome in the new year. As soon as our bus pulled up to Batey 50 that day we were swarmed by children wanting to play with us or just wanting to be picked up and held in your arms. Throughout the fall semester our class did fundraising to raise enough money to have this awesome day. Our fundraising money allowed us to buy enough gifts/toys for all the children on the batey and allowed us to serve everyone that lived on the batey a full meal. There was a santa and two clowns at the batey that day to help distribute the gifts to each child. All the children got one of our class shirts and a gift that day. The children were all smiles this day.


After the gift distributing was over it was time for the buffet. The Powers family has been coming back to Batey 50 for many years and are close with many people that live on the Batey. Out of all the years they have been coming to Batey 50 they said that this is the hungriest they have ever seen people on the Batey. The sugar cane business is not doing well this year making it very hard for families to be able to feed their family. Therefore I felt that this day was extra special because we were able to make sure every single person on the Batey had a full plate of food. This was a very special day for everyone on the Batey and for everyone on this trip. Batey 50 will forever be in our hearts and I hope to go back sometime soon!


– Jen Martin



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